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Enjoy Your Lunch Break With The Lunch Combo Specials from Cashew Thai, Seattle

Take a break and enjoy our delicious Thai food! Cashew Thai in Seattle offers lunch combo specials to make your break special. Come today for unbeatable flavors!

Cashew Chicken with Tom Kha - Thai Lunch Combo
Cashew Thai Lunch Combo - Cashew Chicken with Tom Kha

Take Advantage of Our Delicious Lunch Combo Specials.

Our Cashew Thai Lunch Combo Specials are designed to give you more options and better value. Choose your favorite combination of an entree, noodle, curry, or soup to create your delicious combo that is perfect for any day. Pad Thai, cashew chicken, tom tum soup, and red curry with rice perfectly paired with a sesame salad. There is a Vegan and Gluten-Free option available in the Thai lunch combo. Enjoy your lunch break and let us handle the details!

The best Thai food combo at all times - Pad Thai with Curry.

Adding some curry sauce on top of sweet and savory pad thai will create a new level of deliciousness. The noodle absorbs the creamy and tasty curry. This lunch combo will make you return for more.

Cashew Thai lunch combo is available on Monday to Friday from 11 am - 3 pm.
Cashew Thai - Lunch Combo Monday - Friday ( 11 am - 3 pm)

Our recommendations to mix and match Thai food

  • Pad Thai with Curry - Pad Thai noodles with Curry sauce for a new experience.

  • Thai Basil (Ka-Prow) with Tom Yum - Spicy, tasty, and savory is all in one.

  • Pad See Ew with Tom Kha - Mild but totally blended of flavorful, perfect for comfort food.

  • Cashew Chicken with Tom Kha - 10 out of 10; the sweet soup makes this dish tastier.

  • Pad Kee Moa with Curry - It is the best match for all noodle dishes.

Cashew Thai - Lunch Combo - Red curry with thai basil.
Cashew Thai - Lunch Combo - Red curry with thai basil

At Cashew Thai, we strive to deliver The Best Thai Food in Seattle. Our menu can be both Gluten-Free or Vegan. We made every dish with love and fresh ingredients. If you never try Cashew Thai, let's make a reservation today for the coming Valentine's day.

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